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What is PicTips?

PicTips provides a shortcode for images to be used as ToolTips. Like ToolTips but with pictures.

How do I install PicTips?

  1. Download the PicTips plugin from the WordPress directory and place the ‘PicTips’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install directly from your WordPress administration dashboard with ‘Plugins > Add New’ and searching for PicTips.
  2. Activate PicTips from the plugins page.

How do I use PicTips?

When you are adding/editing content you will see a new PicTips button on the visual editor, click it to add a PicTip.

How do I get more styles for PicTips?

Simple, PicTips Style Pack One is available now from the online shop.

For a limited time only, we are also offering three free custom styles for purchasers of Style Pack One. You will get your own pack of styles with your choice of colours, widths and borders.


What does a PicTip look like?

See below

A screenshot of a PicTip

A PicTip, displayed when a user hovers over the PicTip text