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The Ultimate  Image Watermarking tool for WordPress!

WP Image Protect is the WordPress image watermarking plugin that helps detect and eliminate content misuse.

This plugin allows you to watermark images on your site.  Unlike other watermarking techniques and plugins, the original images are unaffected and you do not need to edit or re-upload the images, it’s done automatically for you.

WP Image Protect Lite is available free from the WordPress plugin directory, or by searching WP Image Protect from your WordPress plugin administration console.

The WP Image Protect Premium Pack is available to purchase for instant download now, scroll down to see all the great premium features.

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An Impressive Set of Premium Watermarking Features

The primary function of WP Image Protect is to watermark images on your site. This deters would be content thieves from copying your content without proper attribution or credit.

Watermarks can be added with an image manipulation tool prior to uploading to your site, however this can be a time consuming process, especially if you have a large number of images. Furthermore, what if the name of the website changes or you need the original, unaltered image?

WP Image Protect works differently – you only need upload the original image, which remains unaltered. When the image is viewed on your site the watermark is placed on the image dynamically, allowing you to fully control and alter its appearance as and when required.

Without WP Image Protect

Without WP Image Protect Premium

WP Image Protect Enabled

The same image with WP Image Protect Lite/Premium enabled


powerful text watermarks

Powerful Text Watermarking

WP Image Protect allows website owners to place text watermarks across the images displayed on your site. You can choose what content to watermark and how it looks, no re-uploading necessary. Premium version adds support for variable text to be used in the watermark, such as the name of the image uploader or the upload time.
custom image watermarks

Custom Image Watermarks

WP Image Protect Premium supports custom image watermarks, including transparent PNGs (see the examples in the screenshots below). This truly stamps the website brand onto content and deters would-be content theft.
hotlink protection

Simple Hotlink Protection

Hotlink protection is available on your WP Image Protect Premium enabled site, this prevents 3rd party sites from linking directly to your content and leeching bandwidth. Instead of displaying the content, you can display a message on the 3rd party with your website address.
supercharged performance

Supercharged Performance

The latest version of WP Image Protect is faster and smarter. Despite it’s dynamic operation, resources are rendered quicker than ever before to keep your site running smoothly. In tests, an image intensive site loaded an impressive 300% faster than the previous versions of the plugin.
instant download

Instant Download Today

Available as an instant download to purchase today, WP Image Protect requires minimal configuration and an entire site’s images can be watermark protected within minutes, no editing of the original content is required – it just works.
premium support

Premium User Support

Premium users get premium support, to help you get set up quickly. Your content is precious and we understand it needs the best protection, that’s why we offer premium email support and continual product development and research.


Without WP Image Protect Premium

Without WP Image Protect Premium

With WP Image Protect Premium

With WP Image Protect Premium

WP Image Protect - dashboard settings – adding a text watermark

The dashboard settings – adding a text watermark

WP Image Protect - dashboard settings - adding an image watermark

The dashboard settings – adding an image watermark

WP Image Protect - Using an image as a watermark

Using an image as a watermark

WP Image Protect - Repeating image watermark for sensitive content

Repeating image watermark for sensitive content

WP Image Protect - Various positioning options available

Various positioning options available

WP Image Protect - Colours and positions are user definable

Colours and positions are user-definable

WP Image Protect - A hotlinked image on a site without WPIPP protection

A hotlinked image on a site without WPIPP protection

WP Image Protect - The same site with hotlink protection enabled

The same site with hotlink protection enabled

Video Demonstration

Want to see how easy and quick it is to get started with WP Image Protect, just check out the video below:


Discover the powerful and customisable features of the Premium Pack in the video below:

Feature Comparison

Lite Premium Pack
On-The-Fly Watermarking
Remove or Alter Watermarks Anytime
Add Text Watermarks
Control Positioning and Appearance
Use Images as Watermarks
Set Watermark Transparency
Prevent Hotlinking
Variable text watermarks
Additional Fonts
1 Year Premium Support and Updates
Instant Premium Download
Get Lite Premium currently unavailable

What people are saying about WP Image Protect…


Great Plugin!… I’m giving it 5 stars.

Webado, WordPress plugin feedback

Simple and effective. Tried a number of watermarking plugins before WP Image Protect, but this is the best as it doesn’t require me to re-upload my images and I can change the watermark at any time.

KXC, WordPress plugin feedback

Thank you for the wonderful plugin… I wish you the best in the development of this product. For one, I think the price is too low!

A WP Image Protect Premium user

Top Rated Plugin by Users

Over 17,000+ downloads of WP Image Protect from the WordPress plugin directory


Satisfaction Guaranteed

money back guarantee

..or your Money Back!

With every purchase, you get a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with WP Image Protect for any reason, simply use the contact link and we will refund your money as soon as possible, usually with in one business day. We pride ourselves on offering fantastic customer support, so let us know if you have any queries, comments, suggestions or just want to say hello.
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